Yokai Dungeon

Yokai Dungeon is now available on Google Play

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Yokai Dungeon is a game by Neutronized, the developer behind Super Cat Tales. It is a rogue-like pixel-art dungeon crawler that is based on Japanese folklore.

Yokai Dungeon is a game in which the layout is always changing. This means that no two runs are exactly the same. Each time you play, the game randomly generates the layout of the rooms and their contents. This ensures that you can play for hours without getting bored.

Yokai Dungeon Gameplay

Yokai Dungeon involves you destroying Yokai by pushing blocks and vases into them. According to the story, Yokai have gatecrashed the lantern festival. Now, it is up to Tanuki and his friends to save the day.

You cannot exactly attack the Yokai directly, so you simply have to push objects in their way.

Yokai Dungeon is now available for download on the Google Play Store.

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