Yggdra Union mobile game now out on Google Play in Japan

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After much deliberation, the mobile port for legendary GBA RPGYggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone has made its way to Google Play and Apple iTunes in Japan. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s basically a Fire Emblem-like tactical RPG. You’ll move a bunch of units around a grid-based battle arena, battling enemies.

The official website has gone live for quite some time already, so be sure to head over there for more information. First launched in 2006-released for Game Boy Advance, the mobile version of Yggdra Union will feature an updated user interface with additional features, controller support, and other improvements.

You’ll order a bunch of heroes around a grid-based map, defeating enemies as you go. It’s turn-based, as you can expect and features a rock-paper-scissors battle system. So if you are in Japan, you can get the game right now on Google Play

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