WrldCraft is a Minecraft-like RPG that’s up for beta release

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WrldCraft is the first, huge, massively multiplayer, full scale augmented reality AR, geolocated, persistent, blocks-based, cloud-based, sandbox and exploration game with RPG elements taken from the glorious 8bit tradition where you can dig and mine gold and artifacts in the real world and cover the entire Earth with blocks.

The game has all the core features enabled and will give the chance to the beta players to build around the world, finding again what they had built in exactly the same place, claim unlimited plots of land for free and getting other player and friends contributing to their buildings side by side, later or from home.

WrldCraft development took nine months and it is built on the top of the latest AR technologies such as ARCore and ARKit with cross-device persistent and shared augmented reality experiences so, for example, the player can build full-scale structures in a place side by side with friends and other players can visit and extend it later. You can get the beta version here.

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