World War II: Eastern Front is now on Android

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The game starts out with a pretty basic tutorial, which takes place during operation Fall Weiss in 1939, heading over the border of Poland. During this first mission, you’ll learn the basics of combat, including how to pick your troops, navigate around the map, and tell your troops where to go.

Move groups of soldiers and machines close to enemies, and they’ll attack automatically. The thing is, most enemies are tougher than you are, so you’ll need to not only outnumber your enemy but also outfox them

Story-wise, this game puts you in the shoes of a wartime commander ordering troops around in various battles throughout the entirety of World War II, from its official kickoff in 1939, through the bloodiest parts of it in the 1940s, all the way through its climax and end in 1945.

You’ll start off playing as the forces of Nazi Germany pushing over the Polish border, and work your way through the entire war, playing through missions that have a basis in historical fact. In veering away from historical accuracy, you can have scraps with other players online as you see fit. You can download it here.

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