‘Words Story’ game has dual puzzling purposes and is available on Google Play right now

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If puzzle games are more your pace, “Words Story” challenges you to figure out the correct word from a bunch of jumbled letters. To make things more difficult, you don’t need all the letters to make the word.
In the mobile game ‘Words Story,’ solve increasingly challenging word puzzles and free an innocent (stick) man from jail at the same time.

For example, the letters “E, E, E, M, T, R, X, A” may be scrambled on the screen, with the winning word being “Extreme.” The only way to remove letters you don’t need is to create other words from these letters, which then deletes what’s not necessary for the final, correct word. So if you make the words “Meat” and “Ate” from these letters, too, that will then remove “A” from the board, since you don’t need it for “Extreme.”

A story ties these puzzles together, about a wrongfully convicted man in prison who attempts to escape. Only by solving these word puzzles can you help him in his way towards freedom. 

The game doesn’t require a time limit to solve, includes free hints to use, and you can play offline (should there be no Internet connection). You can download it here.

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