Wonder Park - Magic Rides

Wonder Park Theme Park Builder is out right now on Android

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Wonder Park - Magic Rides

Wonder Park: Magic Rides is a new theme park builder that challenges you to create the theme park of your dreams. It was created by The Sandbox devs. In the game – which is out right now on Android – you get to craft various items, build rollercoasters and rides, and decorate your park the way you want it. Visitors may also come around, and you will have to manage them.

As you go on playing Wonder Park, you will come across a number of quests to complete. As you complete these quests, you will unlock new stuff to do.

The experience also involves you collecting a bunch of “wonderchimps” as you play the game. But beware! There are also bad monkeys called “chimpanzombies” that will try to destroy your park’s attractions.

If this is your kind of game, simply head on over to Google Play to get Wonder Park: Magic Rides right now and start building your park.

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