Wonder Blade

Wonder Blade, the hit Indie hack and slasher, is coming to Android on July 4

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Wonder Blade, the hit Indie hack and slasher is making its way to Android soon, as publisher East2West has just announced that it is bringing the game to the small screen on July 4.

Wonder Blade Gameplay

Wonder Blade is basically a “cartoon world” game where you get to combo enemies into oblivion. It is sort of a beat ’em up on steroids game.

The game offers you quite a wide variety of combos to unleash on your enemies across a single-player story.

As you play on, you will get to face various degrees of difficulty, ranging from standard enemies to mighty bosses. You will wield the power of your weapon and battle these enemies.

You can collect different weapons and outfits as you play along. There is also a bunch of different skills to unlock.

Wonder Blade

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