Witcheye is out now, and it is quite cheap

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A couple of days ago, we announced that Witcheye was available for pre-registration. Now, Devolver Digital has finally launched the game.

Witcheye is an old-school platformer with new modern touchscreen controls for mobile. It has unique controls for a fresh experience.

Witcheye Gameplay

Witcheye is a game of vengeance in which you play as an eyeball for a witch. In the game, a knight has stolen your spell ingredients. Your task is to track down this knight. There are enemies and hazards that you have to avoid if you really want to catch the knight.

The game has over 50 levels to keep you playing. Each of these levels may have a new enemy or puzzle to solve.

Witcheye comes with specially designed controls for mobile, so you can get a good feel of the game. You have to swipe to move in a direction and tap to stop.

Does Witcheye sound like a game you will like to play? You can grab it on the Google Play Store right now for $2.99.

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