Witcheye is coming to Android on 15th August; available for pre-registration now

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Witcheye is a game by Devolver Digital in which you play as a witch’s eye. A smarmy knight has taken off with all your spell ingredients, and you are on the hunt for this knight. It is an old-school platformer with modern mobile controls.

Witcheye Gameplay

Witcheye basically focuses on a witch who is on the hunt for a thief who stole her ingredients. This witch transforms into a flying eyeball. It is now up to you to play as the eyeball to seek vengeance. With you as the eyeball, you swipe and shoot to control.

Witcheye currently has 50 levels to keep you entertained and glued. These levels include not just new enemies and bosses, but also puzzles for you to solve.

Does this sound like something you’ll enjoy? Then, pre-register for Witcheye on Google Play Store now. It is set for release on 15th August.

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