Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times now very cheap on Google Play

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Perchang is home to a lot of the talent from Rodeo Games so the band is largely back together and it shows in The End Times. The game looks and feels similar, as well it should, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when the one you had is quite good at, you know, rolling. Things are dire in Middenland and a new threat has emerged. A king with three eyes has amassed an army of evildoers to assault the world and all its people and bring about an apocalypse. If you can’t trust kings with three eyes who can you trust these days?

You start out The End Times with Marcus and Meharva but pick up other companions as you progress. Much like the original, the game plays out as a series of regional quests in Middenland. Each quest in the main storyline takes you to a different city or town and into a dungeon delve.

Prior to entering, you pick and equip your party and send them forth to defeat the minions of the three-eyed king and any other dungeon dwellers who dare block your path. As you complete quests you gain experience for the heroes that participate, as well as loot and gold. Each town and city provides an opportunity to level up your team at the training grounds, buy and sell loot at the market, and recruit new companions at the tavern. 

You’ll defeat huge spiders, orcs, and more infamous Warhammer enemies as you complete quests, gather loot and level up. Loot includes huge swords and other handy gear, as well as gold that you can spend on better equipment. It is currently going for a dollar and is available on Google Play

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