Void Tyrant: Eyes of Chronos to be available on Google Play in two days!

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Void Tyrant: Eyes of Chronos is an awesome RPG set to be launched on Google Play and Play Store in a few days. There are a lot of different card-based RPGs out there, each with a similar way of attacking your enemy. In Void Tyrant, combat is more to do with a Blackjack type of system.

It sounds more complicated than it is, and it’s actually a very interesting battling mechanic. In addition to a numbered deck, each character has their own separate deck of special cards that do a variety of things.

Each of these cards costs mana to play, which is tracked in a gauge right below your health and will either trigger an immediate action or a passive ability.

While there’s plenty of fun working your way through each of the game’s levels and doing some extremely light dungeon crawling and looting, the heart and soul of Void Tyrant is in its combat and battling, and I can confirm that it’s a total blast. You will find more info about the game on
Armor Games Studios official site.

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