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Villagers & Heroes to get a Tale of Earth and Sea Expansion and a new Shaman Class

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Villagers & Heroes is getting a brand new expansion called A Tale of Earth and Sea. This game, which is one of mobile’s finest MMORPGs, is getting a new Shaman class in this expansion. This magic-wielding character can swap between Earth for damage dealing and Water for support.

The Shaman class offers axes in various forms. You will use these axes – hand axes, pole arms, and hatchets – to beat the enemy back.

Also included in the new update is a bounty of new customization options. You will get the option of choosing from eight new skin colors as well as a number of new face and eye options.

In addition to all these new features and options, Villagers & Heroes is also getting a revamp to body models.

Interested in playing Villagers & Heroes? You can grab it right now on Google Play.

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