Unbroken Soul now out on Google Play

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After releasing a teaser video a few months back that generated quite a bit of buzz, Spanish developer Chorrus Games has now released a full official trailer for their upcoming action platformer Unbroken Soul.

If you enjoy running, jumping, double-jumping, hacking away at enemies up close with your sword or picking them off at range with your bow and arrow, you will enjoy Unbroken Soul.

Unbroken Soul has players take on the role of a hero seeking to clear the land of evil. Sure, that’s pretty standard for games, although it’s not the story of the game which is compelling in this case. It’s mostly the traversal mechanics and combat.

As you can see, with its colorful 2D pixelated graphics, Unbroken Soul could very well be mistaken for a classic from the NES era if not for the virtual buttons that replace the role of a controller.

The story puts you on an adventure to save the world of Alaron from Elaniof the necromancer. So, hurry and go get this game on Google Play 

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