Type II – TD/FPS mobile game for Android now available

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This is a first-person shooter where you’ll spend your time protecting your castle from an onslaught of enemies. You’ll have the ability to strategically place towers between each enemy wave, and of course, you’ll be able to shoot your own equipped weapons to help keep these enemies at bay.

Boss battles are included, and the game supports 60fps gameplay if your device is capable. You have 21 handcrafted, challenging open levels (3 huge boss battles) 3 weapons with 6 vastly differentiated fire modes in total. [TD] Player plans his actions at the beginning of each wave (usually builds defense towers just like in any other TD game).

[FPS] Once the wave starts, the player takes control of a rail-mounted turret. Player then fights the incoming enemies until all of them are killed or objectives get destroyed. These steps above are repeated until victory or defeat. You can download the game on Google Play.

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