Total Party Kill now available on Android

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Total Party Kill(Free) is the latest release from developer Jussi Simpanen, aka Adventure Islands, who has delighted us for years with his puzzle-centric platforming games like Super Dangerous DungeonsTiny Dangerous DungeonsDuke Dashington, and the criminally underrated Heart Star.

Total Party Kill is a bit similar to Trine, where you control a party consisting of a Knight, a Wizard, and an Archer who must work together to overcome various platforming challenges to reach the end of each level and progress to the next.

Naturally, the characters all have their own unique abilities to offer to the team. In Total Party Kill, the Knight can knock objects (and people, too) away with his sword, the Wizard can freeze others into a solid block of ice, and the Archer, of course, shoots arrows. Head on over to Google Play to get this awesome game.

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