Top Ten Tennis Games for Android

Top Ten Tennis Games for Android

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Tennis is one of the most popular sports, but you can’t expect matches every day like cricket or football. Here, we have collated top ten tennis games for Android users and Tablet users. Download and play Tennis matches and have fun in your free time.

Top Ten Tennis Games of Android

1. Ultimate Tennis

Ultimate Tennis is a 3D tennis game, and you can consider this to be a tennis simulation game. Graphics are really good, and swiping is a rather important gameplay part of Ultimate Tennis. Various game modes are available in this game, including World Tour, League, and Online.

2. Tennis Champs Returns – Season 3

Based on an old Amiga game, this option is a little unlike the rest on this list in terms of style. Featuring a pick and play game style that nonetheless has some depth and which offers some room for experimentation and strategy, this is a solid option for those looking for a little challenge.

3. Tennis Manager 2019

Tennis Manager 2019 is one of the best tennis management games in the Play Store. You essentially take the role of a tennis manager here, and your goal is to develop training centers, youth camps, deal with sponsors, assistant coach, fitness trainers, and so on. 

4. Stick Tennis

This is the fastest tennis game with easy controls and better graphics. You can create your own player or choose from those available within the game. The game can keep you hooked for a long time and make you fell in love with it.

5. 3D Tennis

This app will offer you the fastest and fluid control mode and you are allowed to swipe your fingers in order to hit or slice the ball. This app will provide you a huge range of unique player in order to swipe from and you are also allowed to steer your favorite player in order to get success in the four grand slam tournaments.

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6. Play Tennis

“Play Tennis”  has come with realistic 3D Graphics and gives accurate moves when you play the shots. Unlike other games, “Play Tennis” is not tough to play. It is simple to play in the beginning, you can win easily any matches in “Play Tennis”.

7. Virtua Tennis Challenge

Seasoned tennis gamers will no doubt remember the Virtua Tennis games, released by Sega for various consoles across the 00s. Featuring quick arcadey gameplay, they were a mainstay of the genre for years – and have now made their way to mobile.

8. TOP SEED Tennis

TOP SEED Tennis is a considerably different game than the first three on this list. This is a management game, rather than anything else, which will let you manage the career of a young promising tennis player. You will be able to rain the aforementioned player and lead him through various tournaments along the way.

9. Stickman Tennis

Stickman Tennis is an arcade game, but a really fun one. This is a fast-paced game in which controls are really simple, and the game does offer a ton of replay value, as the developer says. You can choose between automatic and manual running in this game, while a training mode is also available here.

10. Timber Tennis

This game comes with a healthy dollop of humor and fun. The game allows you to battle with fellow tennis players with fireballs, balls, bombs, and a lot of other interesting things. This game also features characters from previous games that make it even more exciting.

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