Top Ten Puzzle Games on Android

Top Ten Puzzle Games on Android

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It started with simple viral games like 2048 and now puzzle games have evolved into genuinely enjoyable experiences like Monument Valley and Telltale Games titles. We present to you the top ten puzzle games on Android.

Top Ten Puzzle Games on Android

1. All That Remains: Part 1

All That Remains: Part 1 is an escape puzzle game. Players wake up in a bunker and have to find their way out before something bad happens. Each room in the bunker has a bunch of puzzles.

You also communicate with the character’s sister over a two-way radio. It’s definitely the best escape room game by this developer. They do also have other escape style puzzle games as well if you want to try those as well.

2. The Room series

The Room is a widely celebrated puzzle franchise for Android, with three entries offering hours upon hours of challenging puzzle fun. The story focuses on a creepy dollhouse found in the attic of the home of a brilliant engineer.

Using a mysterious eyepiece, you must inspect and find all the secrets hidden in the dollhouse to unravel the mysterious circumstances behind the disappearance of the engineer and his wife.

3. Total Party Kill

Total Party Kill finds a trio of heroes in dank single-screen dungeons with their exits inconveniently far out of reach. Your job is to figure out in which order everyone needs to be dispatched.

The knight hacks at chums with his sword, sending them flying across the screen – potentially towards otherwise inaccessible switches. The mage freezes companions into blocks of ice. And the ranger uses his arrows to impale cohorts on walls.

4. Lumino City

Lumino City is placed somewhere between an adventure game and a puzzle game. It tells the story of Lumi, who is looking for her grandfather. She experiences many adventures in the titular Lumino City. Usually, she has to solve little riddles. There are more than 20 levels and it is really fun to accompany Lumi through the city.

5. Threes!

Like all the best puzzle games, Threes! is built on brilliantly simple mechanics: in an attempt to clear a 4×4 grid, you merge numbered cards by sliding them into each other, but (with a couple of exceptions) only matched numbers will combine – and when they do, they become a single tile with the combined value of their constituents.

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6. Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal is a cross-over game between Bridge Constructor and Portal. The game has primarily Bridge Constructor mechanics. You build a bridge from one end of the level to the other with a variety of strategy and parts.

The portal mechanics make each level more fun and difficult. It contains 60 levels (test chambers), plenty of Portal references (including voice acting), and some extra stuff like Google Play Games achievements.

7. Dissembler

Dissembler is a colorful and relaxing puzzle game that’s deceptively simple to play featuring fantastic puzzles. Essentially a tile-swapping match-three game, each level requires you to flip the tiles to match up colors and it starts out nice and easy as the game lays out the basic principles before gradually presenting you with more complex puzzles.

8. Turn It On! Free

Turn It On! Free is one of the top ten puzzle games on Android. Initially, you flick the odd switch or twiddle a dial. But Turn It On keeps upping the insanity level. Even fairly early on, you’re faced with an entire board of switches and no idea what any of them are for.

9. Mekorama

Mekorama is very reminiscent of Monument Valley, but it goes its own way. You control a small robot through 50 levels and first have to move a few floor stones, later skillfully move elevators up and down or bring huge wheels into the right positions.

10. Trainyard

In Trainyard, the aim is simply to get trains to goal stations of the same color, by drawing tracks and tapping Start. There’s no time-limit, so you can waste as much time as a typical train operator.

But it gets fiendish without you realizing; before you know it, you’re merging and splitting trains, routing around rocks, and grappling with a spaghetti heap of the track to stop trains colliding.

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