Top Ten Police Games on Android

Top Ten Police Games on Android

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Games that tell you about the everyday life of the police are quite rare. There are also very few police simulators and management available. So, we have prepared for you a list of the top ten police games on android.

Top Ten Police Games on Android

1. Police Car Driving Sim

Feel yourself driving a police car and learn all its capabilities. Install a realistic simulator Police Car Driving Sim on your mobile device and enjoy the fascinating gameplay completely free. In the application, a simple control mechanism is implemented.

2. Border Police Adventure Sim 3D

The game is characterized by high-quality design and graphics, and the fascinating gameplay. A huge number of tasks will not leave anyone indifferent. You will not just chase criminals and fight evil, but also carry out numerous quests and make him a real thunderstorm of crime.

3. Urban Police Legend

Your character is an intelligent and brave policeman who is able to cope alone with an entire army of criminals. According to the plot, first, you have to undergo training to become the strongest and legendary city policeman. After that, you can start fighting with the enemies. Each quest passed will strengthen your abilities.

4. Police Hero Rescue: San Andreas Gangster COP Chase

The new version of Police Hero Rescue: San Andreas Gangster Cop Chase, from the company “Sablo Games”, is nothing more than an incredibly exciting three-dimensional simulator of a police station for preschool children. After gamers install the game, they will get to the police station, where they will wait for the next call to the scene of the crime. 

5. Police Dog Criminal Hunt 3D

Police Dog Criminal Hunt 3D is a simulator game for a police dog for smartphones and tablets based on Android. He will command the service dog, training it on special courts and in real conditions. Management in this game is as easy as possible for a comfortable game on the touchscreens.

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6. Police Heli Rescue Alert

In the simulator Police Heli Rescue Alert, for example, you are offered to use special equipment that allows you to get to hostages of natural disasters in any weather and in an inappropriate place.

7. Blocky City: Ultimate Police

Ultimate Police is an experimental simulator of a police patrol with 8-bit graphics and user-friendly controls. The narrative is broken into tasks unrelated to the plot, reminiscent of the activity of a taxi driver-beginner. 

8. Framed

In Framed, you play a silhouetted detective in the vein of Sam Spade, tasked with solving some rudimentary puzzles. And also a murder. It’s presented as a motion comic, but the player has the ability to re-arrange the tiles, which in turn directly affects the order of events and their outcome.

9. Police Car Driving Offroad

Police Car Driving Offroad is a great police simulator, where we will face a variety of tasks. We will start by choosing a car. In the game, there are 9 police cars.

10. Police Dog 3D: Crime Chase

Police Dog 3D: Crime Chase is a simulator of a police dog that stands guard over the order and is always ready to help people who are in trouble. The task for new missions will be repeated from time to time – you need to catch criminals who steal things from people and then try to escape from the crime scene.

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