Top Ten Metroidvania Games for Android

Top Ten Metroidvania Games for Android

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Everyone loves a good Metroidvania – a genre named after the two games that gave birth to it: Metroid and Castlevania. Games under this banner usually involve a lot of exploring, with new paths opening up as you learn new abilities, find new gadgets, or unlock new items. That said, here are the top ten Metroidvania games for Android.

Top Ten Metroidvania Games for Android

1. Swordigo

You play as a swordsman who knows how to wield a spell or two and must save the kingdom from some evil corrupting force. Learning spells is the way forward – literally – as each spell opens up a new path or two.

2. Shante And The Pirate’s Curse

As with Shantae’s other adventures, Pirate’s Curse has a brisk, light-hearted feel. The eponymous heroine destroys bad guys with her mighty ponytail and earns new skills.

Unlike in the other games, she doesn’t have access to her magical genie powers here; instead of making use of enchanting dances and animal transformations, Shantae instead makes use of pirate tools — which is to say, weapons.

3. Goblin Sword

Fans of the original Metroid and Castlevania games will no doubt have already downloaded and played Goblin Sword to death – particularly if they like a bit of light fantasy with their pixelated action.

With over 64 levels and expansion, a ton of different costumes and weapons to equip, and your own home to decorate, you could say that Goblin Sword is the most content-heavy Metroidvania on this list.

4. Munch Time

Munch is a chameleon who’s on a quest to find some lunch and uses his tongue to swing around and reach new places. These places will largely be flowers and you’ll need to change color to match the flowers if you want to land on them. Munch can’t change color by himself though, he’ll need to eat a fly that matches the color of the flower first.

5. Soul Warrior Merope

Play as Merope, the newest member of the warrior maiden sect of Alem, as she tries to find the missing prince and princess in a castle long forgotten in time. Beware though, as grudges of old and weapons of new both stand in your way.

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6. Rex Rocket

Rex Rocket: Mobile has a lot going for it. The awesome pixel-art graphics and catchy chiptune soundtrack are as pleasingly retro as the references stuffed into the amusing dialogue.

You’re on a transport mission when your spaceship goes suddenly rogue and releases its dangerous cargo of bio-engineered monsters throughout the ship.

7. Nubs’ Adventure

The Reds have only gone and destroyed poor Nubs’ house and it’s up to you to help him rebuild it by solving puzzles and collecting diamonds scattered around the world. Nubs also enlist the help of his friends Ally the wisp and Brute the worm, both of whom can be controlled.

You’ll also get the chance to beat up those evil Reds and get revenge as you explore all four different regions of this interconnected world.

8. Waking Mars

When life is discovered on Mars, you’re sent to make the first contact but, following a cave-in, find yourself trapped in the bowels of the planet and must nurture the alien ecosystem in order to survive.

There are loads of alien lifeforms that you have to interact with and you’ll need to learn their diet, habits, and vulnerabilities to cultivate their growth.

9. Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a retro 2D platformer inspired by the Game Boy – right down to the monochrome visuals. You play as Timmy, a treasure hunter who’s exploring a sizeable dungeon for loot. Along the way, you’ll find power-ups and unlock new skills which will allow you access to previously inaccessible areas.

10. Robot Wants Kitty

A poor robot is feeling lonely. He wants the company of a kitten, and it’s up to you to help him find one. You’ll need to help him navigate platforms, upgrade his abilities, and, eventually, collect the cute kitty.

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