Top Ten Golf Games on Android

Top Ten Golf Games on Android

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Golf is one of the most popular summer sports. You grab the clubs, hit the course, and have some fun. There are golf games on mobile as well. They’re not as good as the real thing or even console golf games. Here are the top ten golf games on Android.

Top Ten Golf Games on Android

1. Mini Golf King

Mini Golf King is a simple, and yet quite addicting golf game. This is a multiplayer title, so you’ll be playing against players from all over the world. There are a ton of tracks that you can choose from in this game, while the leaderboards table is a part of the offering. Controls are really simple in this game, all you have to do is swipe and release.

2. Golf Battle

Golf Battle is an exciting 3D sports game. You will challenge real players from all over the world, or gather your friends to compete together. The game has a super easy control mechanism. The game is interesting and intuitive.

You need to defeat your opponent with great holes and prove the king of golf. The game has many fun game modes like Classic mode (with holes in few shots), or Super fun Rush mode (racing to the hole in the fastest time).

3. WGT Golf Mobile

Your objective is the same as the rest of the games on the list — to get the ball in the hole — but here you’re going to find enormous attention to detail in terms of courses and equipment brands. While it hasn’t exactly aged well, it still has a good community to play against online.

4. Neo Turf Masters

ACA NEOGEO reproduces the classic Neo Turf Masters released by SNK in 96′. This is an arcade golf video game which you can take the role of different professional golfers and compete for different tournaments around the world.

5. Golf Clash

Golf Clash won Game of the Year 2018 by Mobile Game Award and Game of the Year by TIGA Award, so it’s safe to say they are very popular. This is another flick-your-finger-game to hit the ball on our list but it has an aiming mechanic for improved control.

You’ll get to choose game modes like a real-time multiplayer and play with players around the world in 1v1, tournaments or challenge your Facebook friends and make new ones in the process.

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6. Golf Star

For the first time ever in an AndroidBeat ‘Top 5’, don’t take a placing as a recommendation. Golf Star has a huge amount to recommend it – and a huge amount to make any sane computer golfer run away screaming! Based on a professional physics engine, i.e. the golf itself is satisfying, realistic and challenging, the surrounding game ‘furniture’ is appallingly, terribly over-complex and unbalanced.

7. Golf Championship

The very first golf game on my list of best Android golf games is the golf championship, featuring a lovely golf course and 72+ holes to play through, wonderful locations and various game modes. The game also offers you a lot of levels you can select from, like the cup club, the tourism and of course mini-game levels.

8. Desert Golf

Desert Golfing is a perfectly acceptable arcade golf game. You play desert in the sand in some desert somewhere. The game features simple 8-bit graphics, simple controls, offline support, and more. You just hit a ball into a hole over and over again. It’s not a complicated game whatsoever.

9. Pro Feel Golf

Pro Feel Golf comes with really nice graphics, and it tries to be a golf simulation, unlike most other games on this list. Controls are not difficult to master in this game, though they are a bit more complicated than in regular, arcade golf games.

10. Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade

The game allows you to display your own avatar. You will also unlock new achievements, chat with standard lines, and compete with real players from around the world.

The game is an El Dorado conflict world of Aztec with 245 putt-putt courses, each with a unique set of challenges. Your task is to help the golf ball run properly, and carefully choose the right angle for the arrow.

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