Top Ten Best Card Games on Android

Top Ten Best Card Games on Android

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Card games are a fantastic form of entertainment. For some, card games are the ultimate way to relax. Killing time on your morning commute or unwinding at the end of your day playing cards can now all happen on your phone, which is fantastic.  Here are the top ten best card games on android.

Top Ten Best Card Games on Android

1. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is one of the newer card games. This one is actually a successful Kickstarter project. The way this one work is you play with two to five players. Each player draws cards until one of them gets an exploding kitten. If they don’t have a diffuse card, their game is over right there on the spot. You can also play local multiplayer or with strangers on the Internet.

2. Gin Rummy Plus

Developed by Zynga, Gin Rummy Plus lets you play live against others from all over the world or invite your friends to play at your table. It features progressive jackpots and allows you to play at various skill levels; why not hop back onto a lower-level table to hone your skills before taking on a real card shark?

3. Card Wars Kingdom

Card Wars Kingdom is Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time-themed card game. It’s not unlike many other CGI freemium games. You’re asked to collect cards before using them against your opponents. There are literally hundreds of characters for you to collect. You can build their strength by leveling up mechanics.

4. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is that rarest of species — a fun, free and fair digital collectible card game. Players take on the role of the great heroes (and villains) of the Warcraft universe such as Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore and Gul’dan, engaging in epic duels and summoning allies and minions into the fray. 

5. Reigns

Reigns is a strategy card game that really makes you feel the heavyweight of the crown. The objective of the game is to make your reign as king last as long as possible as you try to appease all the different factions within your kingdom – all while eliminating any outside element that could destroy your dynasty.

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6. Mau King — Mau Mau, Crazy 8s

This game is a real gem for fans of the traditional card games. It features multiplayer game rooms where you compete in Mau Mau, the popular social card game (aka “Crazy 8s”, similar to Uno). Mau King features multiple game modes, like tournaments, duels, and private Facebook rooms.

7. Reigns Trilogy

Reigns is a trilogy of popular card games. The premise is the same between all three games. Players are presented with a scenario on a card. The player swipes the card left or right to answer yes or no. The goal is to rule your kingdom for as long as possible.

8. BlackJack 21

There’s plenty of opportunities to improve your game, whether you’re an old pro or brand new to the table. The live games against real players will teach you new strategies every time. You can opt to play live, or explore other tables to get an eye on the action.

9. Exploding Kittens

This one launched as a Kickstarter project. You play with between two and five players. One by one, you draw cards with the purpose of drawing an exploding kitten. The game ends right there and then, however, if you don’t happen to hold a diffuse card. You can play either with others online or local multiplayer.

10. Zynga Poker

Another one from the family of traditional card games, this Poker blockbuster was a real hit in 2018 and continues to be a hit in this year too. It features multiple game modes, has various levels of achievements and boasts shiny graphics reminiscing of fortune and glory.

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