Top Ten Basketball Games on Android

Top Ten Basketball Games on Android

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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has tons of outstanding players, near-constant action, and some of the greatest moments in all of sports. Basketball games are addictive and fantastic. Basketball fans love to throw that beautiful ball in the basket and try out new things with their favorite players in the virtual world.  Here are the top ten basketball games on android.

Top Ten Basketball Games on Android

1. Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is one of the better arcade-style basketball games. It’s a PvP game that features two players on one court. The goal is to outscore the opponent before time runs out. The controls are really simple and the graphics won’t impress everybody. However, the game has a decent pace and a fun premise.

2. Action Packed Pro Basketball: NBA JAM

Jam with your favorite stars from all the NBA teams. Play solo, with a single friend online, or go big and play multiplayer. NBA JAM offers four modes of play. Select a team and jump right into the game. Set your sights on beating all the other teams to win the championship. If you play hard, you’ll unlock legends, hidden players, and cheats.

3. NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16 was launched in the year 2016. It has all the latest game features. You will find the latest NBA listings, players, attire, shoes, and courts. The best part of this game is the mobile-powered physics engine which makes the graphics of this game impeccable.

4. Ketchapp Basketball

The game is very simple to play yet hard to master. Your goal in the game is to hit as much basket as you can by swiping the ball into the basket with your fingers. This game has 4 modes to play from:- Endless, Time Challenge, Bounce, and Multi Hoops.

5. Street Basketball Association

Street Basketball Association takes a less traditional NBA-style of play and incorporates more of the street rules. It has a fun, and actually quite a good set of visuals that take on a cell-shaded look, and you’ve got both single-player and multiplayer modes available to you as well as three difficulty levels.

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6. Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a multiplayer-focused basketball game. This is a one-on-one basketball game in which you’ll compete with people around the world. The goal, of course, is to dribble your opponent and score afterward. You can level up your player, as you progress, while there are over 400 customization items available in the game.

7. Big Win Basketball

Big Win Basketball is a sports mobile game developed by Hothead Games. Available in both iOS and Android devices, it plays matches around the world against the best teams with training and upgrading the team players. 

8. Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy Basketball is another arcade basketball game. It is sort of like a low-rent NBA Jam. Games are customizable. You can play up to four periods at up to 90 seconds each. That means no game can last longer than six minutes. Some other game features include simple controls, replays, various unlockable characters, character customization, and more.

9. Stickman Basketball

This fast-paced game has tons of action and lots of replay value. It has more than 115 teams and gives you the option of having full control over your players with manual running and shooting or using automatic mode. 

10. NBA Jam

This is an intensely popular basketball game. It has 2-on-2 arcade basketball mode where you can play with all the 30 NBA teams in Jam style.  There are also some multiplayer and online gaming modes. Graphics and gameplay are excellent.

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