‘This War of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise’ Now Available on Mobile

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This War of Mine was a different type of war game from the beginning, discarding rapid-fire front-line situations and telling the stories normally left unheard in the world of video games – the stories of those behind enemy lines, stranded in a war-torn city with limited allies and supplies. This War of Mine: The Little Ones added children to the chaos via DLC.

Now, 11-bit studios brings us the next installment with This War of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise.

This game is a sort of RPG where you play as father Adam, who’s trying to rescue his daughter from a war-struck city and escape with her. It features brand new locations, characters, and mechanics. So, even fans of the base game should know they are coming to something quite different on this one.

You can download This War of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promiseon Google Play now.

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