The Video Kid now free on Google Play

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Loaded with 80s film and TV references, The Video Kid is an endless runner homage to Paperboy that includes such diverse cultural icons as Back to the Future, Paddington, The Blues Brothers, Tron, E.T., Bill & Ted, Doctor Who, Baywatch, Postman Pat, and the Smurfs.

You’re a video cassette delivery boy, presumably in an attempt not to get sued by the Paperboy rights holder. Tapping the screenshots a VHS tape at mailboxes, windows, bad guys, and Teletubbies; swiping up makes Video Kid jump and grind cars and post boxes, and swiping left or right changes lanes.

Watch ads for extra cash, which you also earn in small quantities from each run, and then spend it on new outfits and skateboard tricks. You can download it here.

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