The Game of Life: Vacations is a board game you have to get

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The Game of Life Vacations is the latest Game of Life board game spin-off on the Play Store, and it offers a 3D experience where players traverse the board on the ground level. Offline local play is supported, and you can also go online to take on your friends and family in both public and private matches. 

Starting your digital journey on beautiful Volcano Island, this digital spin-off board game looks surprisingly refreshing and interesting. It supports single player vs computer opponents or multiplayer online gameplay and seems jam-packed full of summer fun.

It’s the first time vacation cards have appeared in the 60-year-old board game. Players can choose from “a ski trip, a beach day in Punta Cana, hiking the Great Wall of China, and visiting the Eiffel Tower,” Hasbro says.

And to make it relevant to modern travelers — painfully — players will encounter setbacks, like a flight cancellation. Go get it right now on Google Play.

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