The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is now available in beta on Google Play

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The Bonfire is a game where you will be directly and indirectly navigating the choices of a settler who is setting out to combat a great evil. You start by gathering raw materials and making crude structures by yourself. As you build places to work and sleep, Wanderers will visit you willing to live and work in your village.

It is your job to apply your burgeoning workforce in a balanced way to the tasks of protection, gathering, exploration and supplying. The game cycles between day and night where night cycles tend to focus on how well fortified you are and day cycles being the primary working time.

The hero of the story is measured by how effective you are at cultivating a society capable of waking an avatar to fight for your cause. Beyond the story, there is a score you will accrue based on a number of metrics including game completion speed and whether or not you played on the hardcore difficulty that the game offers.

Normal mode allows you to reload the game to the day in which you die, but hardcore immediately ends the game upon your first death. There is a learning curve to surviving in The Bonfire, and even a bigger one in learning how to maximize your score. You can get early access by going for the beta now on Google Play.

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