The Black Widow

The Black Widow is out now on Android

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Are you a fan of murder mystery games? Or would you like a feel of what it’s like to communicate with the dead? The Black Widow is definitely the game for you.

The Black Widow is an interactive murder mystery game in which you get to communicate with the dead. Do you know who Australia’s first female serial killer is? That is the dead lady you get to communicate with in The Black Widow.

The Black Widow Gameplay

Your mission in The Black Widow is to find out if Louisa Collins was actually guilty or not. You get to communicate with Louisa using an ouija board. Ask her questions to find out if she was unjustly executed.

One of the most exciting things about The Black Widow is that gameplay depends on the player. Your emotions will determine how the game pans out. You may be empathetic or you may be cold. The gameplay will vary based on your prejudice.

Interested in this experience? Head on over to the Google Play Store now to get The Black Widow for $1.99.

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