Talisman: Origins is an awesome board game you should definitely try

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Asmodee Digital has released a new entry in the Talisman board game universe that’s been specifically designed to offer a solo experience. It’s called Talisman: Origins and the idea behind this release is that it should allow players to explore the history of the Talisman world along with many of the elements that make up the original game’s many expansions.

The above trailer offers little insight into what type of gameplay you can expect from Talisman: Origins. Luckily the Play Store description goes into a few of the details. The core gameplay is focused around solo play as you move your character across the board.

You’ll get to choose from twelve different characters, each with their own abilities, and you can even play as a bad guy as you take on the title’s twenty story-filled adventures. There’s also a helpful tutorial at the beginning of the game that will teach you the ropes since there are a lot of moving parts to consider as you play. You can download it on Google Play 

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