Talion Online to launch on Android on May 28th

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Those looking for MMO action on the go may be interested in the upcoming release of Talion. The game will be coming out on May 28th from developer Gamevil and is said to feature “massive 20 vs 20 battles throughout a vast and expansive open world”. Interested players can pre-register in order to receive some free goodies once the game launches.

Here are some things to look forward to in the game:

Fully Customizable Characters – With detailed character editing, costumes and mounts, players can create their own unique character to represent themselves in the world of Nar;

Massive Battles and Raids – The Occupy mode features 20 versus 20 PvP battles where players capture points, fire catapults, and slay their enemies;

Vast Open Worlds – Players will explore the stunning 3D open fields of Nar in their quest to defeat evil in every region and wage war against the opposing alliance;

Powerful Boss Raids – Players can team up with their alliance to take down the massive raid bosses in truly chaotic fights;

1v1 Deathmatch Fights – Players itching to test their strength and earn bragging rights can challenge others for a duel to see who’s the strongest.
Be sure to get more updates on the game when it launches.

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