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Table Top Racing Premium is now free on Android

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Table Top Racing Premium game is now available for free on Android. What could be better than getting a Premium title for free, right?

Lovers of Micro Machines on mobile phones, get in here. Table Top Racing Premium is the game for you. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get it for free.

Table Top Racing Premium Gameplay

Table Top Racing is a racing game that offers you console experience. It involves racing with tiny cars against oversized obstacles. The game features seven game modes, eight tracks, and seventeen vehicles.

Table Top Racing Premium comes with support for Android TV. It also removes adverts, coin grinding, and wait timers. You can still pay to get items in the game, or you can simply play on and unlock everything while you play.

You can try the free version of Table Top Racing, or you can simply get the Premium version for free.

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