Super Soccer Champs 2019 is a must-have game on Android

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If you’re gearing up to watch “the big match” today then you’re going to want to grab yourself a copy of Super Soccer Champs 2019 which just surprise-launched in the Play Store.

Some football teams make radical changes in order to bring a higher level of achievement out of their squad. Let’s call it the ‘Real Madrid approach’.

Others prefer the path of continuity and stability, which could be labeled the ‘Tottenham approach’. The developer of Super Soccer Champs 2019 is evidently a proponent of the Tottenham approach.

SSC 2018 had a brilliantly in-depth single player campaign mode, and that returns here with slightly tidier and more intuitive menus. Taking your team of lower-league no-hopers up to football’s top table and signing star players is a genuine thrill.

Super Soccer Champs 2019 hasn’t ripped up its team sheet and started again from scratch, but then it didn’t really need to. It’s still one of the best arcade football games on the Play Store. So hurry and go get this fantastic game here.

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