Stranger Things 3 mobile game coming to Google Play

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Finnish developer Next Games is partnering with Netflix for a Stranger Things mobile game. Simply called Stranger Things, the ‘80s cartoon-inspired game is described as a location-based RPG and will let players explore The Upside Down, as seen in the popular Netflix series.

“Stranger Things” is described as an “RPG/puzzle hybrid” game with a Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic which will be developed and published by NextGames.

The gameplay is akin to adventure games from the SNES era, most notably The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Because the game is only playable on touch screen devices, game mechanics have been heavily simplified.

Everything from character movement, to combat, to inspecting and activating items can be achieved by tapping the screen. We will let you know when the game is available for pre-registration or for download.

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