Storytelling meets Gameplay in Dragalia Lost

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Dragalia Lost is an action Japanese RPG, that operates stage-by-stage, meaning that you move around in a set area for that specific mission and not an open-world environment. The levels are bite-sized, making it great to pick up and play when you’re traveling.

A major hit about Dragalia Lost is that it has a full-fledged RPG system. You decide if you want to level up your dragons, upgrade your weaponry and even customize your own castle courtyard. The game also has playable characters that you can swap between in battle, adding another layer of strategy and replayability.

The game has its drawbacks:  magic users have restrained and short combats; there are no rewards for opening secret paths and short levels.

But overall, Dragalia Lost reaches a peak that not many mobile games have done thus far. It has a great story, fun gameplay, and a mesmerizing amount of content. Check it out on Google Play.

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