Starlight Relive now available for pre registration

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StarRelive, is an adventure RPG game developed by A-Team and produced by Bushiroad, Bushimo, and TBS. It will be available for both the iOS and Android platforms and pre-registrations are currently on-going!

The story takes place directly after the anime. You’ll learn exactly what happens next with Karen, Hikari, and your other favorite characters from the Seisho Music Academy. It’s even voiced by the original cast for extra authenticity.

If you’re worried there’s nothing new, you’ll also find 15 new characters to get to know. We’re not sure any of them will ever make it into the anime, but it’s a nice addition nonetheless.

There will be three new schools that will serve as Rivals by Seisho Music Academy in this game. They are currently reported as “Rinmeikan Girls School,”, “Frontier Arts Academy”, and “Seekfelt Music Institute”. Please note that there were no Katakana or Kanji presented, these are currently names produced by hearing. They will be corrected at a later time once official names has been announced.

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