Stardew Valley now available on Google Play

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Stardew Valley is now available for Android! Priced at $7.99, this is the same Stardew Valley you know and love for PC, an open-ended farming RPG. 

To be honest, I’ve never played the game, only because I don’t do much PC gaming myself. However, with it now on Android and the app’s mobile-specific features like auto-save and different control options, I’ll give it a whirl. The game does have a perfect 10/10 rating on Steam, so I assume it’s awesome.

It’s a farming game that’s meant to be calming. That’s a very, very welcome change to the things as they are, especially on mobile devices, where the common thread throughout games is IN YOUR FACE ACHIEVEMENT GRINDING AND IN-APP PURCHASES. This game has progressive goals, but nothing that’ll give you a heart attack.

You can download it here on Google Play.

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