Star Traders - Frontiers

Star Traders: Frontiers available for sale on Android

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Star Traders: Frontiers is a space-based RPG that came to Android in January 2019. Before then, it was enjoyed by players on PC. The game is currently available on the Google Play Store at a cheap price.

Star Traders: Frontiers gameplay

In Star Traders: Frontiers, there are 26 jobs for you to choose from. These jobs involve you choosing to either make a honest living in space or rob others of their riches.

You can choose to be an explorer, bounty hunter, spy, smuggler, pirate or any of the several other options.

You get to command a mighty ship with a loyal crew. In fact, you can also maraud more ships; this makes your crew more bloodthirsty.

Star Traders: Frontiers customisations and upgrades

Star Traders: Frontiers offers you customisation and upgrade options. You can customise both your ship and your crew. In fact, you get over 350 upgrades to unlock for your ship. As you progress, you can also unlock various specialised equipment for your crew.

If this sounds like a fun RPG to you, head on over to the Google Play Store to get it for $3.99 right now.

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