SpellForce - Heroes & Magic

“SpellForce – Heroes & Magic” is out now on Android

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SpellForce has just come up with a mobile exclusive premium strategy game that is interestingly a sort of fantasy take on Civilisation. This new game, SpellForce – Heroes & Magic is currently available on Google Play.

SpellForce – Heroes & Magic Gameplay

SpellForce – Heroes & Magic involves you building your own fantasy empire as the Humans, Orcs, or Dark Elves. There are generally distinct visual appearances, buildings, and units for each race.

As you continue in the game, you may also get to meet other races like the Dwarves, Trolls, and Gargoyles. You can choose to make these your allies, or you can just destroy them.

In terms of gameplay, you will get to battle enemies and dangerous wildlife, you will capture mines and quarries for resources, you will seek out hidden treasure, and you will invade and take over cities.

SpellForce – Heroes & Magic is an entirely premium strategy experience with no lootboxes, ads or IAPs. You can get it on Google Play right now for $7.99.

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