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Shining Force Classics: You can now get the entire Trilogy for free on Android

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Sega Forever is back, and this time, it is with Shining Force Classics, a trilogy of epic turn-based RPGs. What’s more, you can now play the entire trilogy for free on Android.

The Shining Force Classics’ gameplay involves you restoring peace to the Kingdom of Thornwood. In order to restore peace to this kingdom, you have to vanquish the forces of Dark Sol.

Vanquishing these forces involves exploring a number of first-person dungeons as well as battling enemies.

Shining Force Classics: Three Games in a single Package

Shining Force Classics is basically a combination of three games in a single package as you get the entire trilogy.

Shining Force Classics Trilogy

Shining Force Classics: Gameplay

Just like the old school JRPGs, battling on Shining Force Classics is turn-based. However, here you get the ability to control up to ten characters at once.

You can improve the skills and statistics of these characters by battling enemies. In addition to this, there is a wide variety of quests to complete on the side. So, you get multiple ways to improve the skills of your characters.

To get the Shining Force Classics for free on your Android device, just head on over to Google Play. There, you will get the entire package of three games in one for free.

Get it on Google Play

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