Rules of Survival 1-year ROSversary

Rules of Survival ROSversary: Exchange Game Points for Real Money

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Rules of Survival 1-year ROSversary

Fortnite and PUBG may be the raves of the moment when talking about games generally today. However, when we talk about mobile gaming, things work quite differently. The competition between games seems to be tougher here.

If you don’t play many mobile games, then you may be forgiven for not knowing about Rules of Survival. However, you should know that this battle royale for mobile is a smash hit globally, recording up to 230 million downloads in its first year alone.

“Rules of Survival” Gameplay

“Rules of Survival” is set in a battle format where you have to fight it out with up to 300 players in various environments. The environments are generally 8 x 8km and are gorgeously rendered. All the characters, weapons, and vehicles that you would expect in a standard battle royale are present in this game.

“Rules of Survival” Anniversary Giveaway

The game is now out for a year, and its developer NetEase is celebrating the “ROSversary” by organizing a massive event of giveaways. This giveaway festival will run from 7th November to 27th November. During this period, you will be able to uncover various hidden bonus celebrations throughout the game. You can exchange the celebrations you find for Anniversary Frames, backpacks, and many other items.

In addition, you will enjoy discounts on various outfits and supplies, as well as 30% additional bonus diamonds. The game will also include a VIP system that will offer more bonuses to Very Important Players.

Rules of Survival

That’s not all. Starting on November 21, NetEase will host an event called “Ca$h ‘n Shoot” in which players will go head-to-head in tactical battles to earn match points. These match points can then be exchanged for real money from a $1m pool.

So, just log in now to receive your free diamonds and bonuses. And if you have not been playing the game, you can get it here right now.

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