Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War is coming to Android

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Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War has been available only on iOS on the mobile front. It was first available only on iPad, then later on iPhone. However, that will change soon as Feral Interactive has announced that the game is coming to Android.

The game is a mobile port of the original PC game. It is a battle and strategy game that requires a lot of tactics on the part of the player.

Rome: Total War Gameplay

As a player, you will order a number of units around the battlefield. You have to keep an eye on each unit and pay close attention to their positioning. You also have to watch out for the enemies near them.

The main aim of the battles and even the game as a whole is to attain world dominance with your army.

Rome: Total War is expected to launch on Android as a premium app this winter. This means that at the latest, you should have gotten it by the end of March 2019.

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