Rest in Pieces

‘Rest in Pieces’ is available now on Google Play

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Rest in Pieces

What’s so creepy about a laughing killer clown, sea monsters, and Medusa? Everything!

The just-released “Rest in Pieces” challenges you to protect little figurines from their horrific nightmares – with 15 different souls to save across five nightmares – by swinging them left and right to avoid obstacles and defeat deadly monstrosities. Sounds easy, but you need to take physics into account while timing the screen presses.

Rest in Pieces

In the mobile game ‘Rest in Pieces,’ your goal is to enter nightmares and free the victims from the clutches of evil. From developer Team Itatake, this black-and-white single-player game, for Android and iOS, also has you collect gems to unlock new figurines, each with different characteristics. This is one game to play with headphones on and with the lights off.

You can get it Rest in Pieces right now on Google Play.

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