Red Siren - Space Defense

Red Siren: Space Defense is a new Shooting Game on Android

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Red Siren - Space Defense

If you are a lover of shmups, then Red Siren: Space Defense is the game for you right now. The stunning sci-fi shoot ‘em up is now available for download on Android, and can be downloaded on Google Play.

Red Siren: Space Defense is set in a distant future in which humanity has wasted all the natural resources on earth. As a way forward, humanity decides to start mining resources from other planets. However, raiders are taking advantage of the scramble. There is chaos in space, and someone needs to find a solution.

Now, your objective as a player is to defend the bases. You will play as a young pilot in order to achieve this. Shoot whoever you have to in order to defend the bases.

To get Red Siren: Space Defense, head on over to Google Play and download it.

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