Ragnarok CRUSH

Ragnarok CRUSH is a Ragnarok match-three that is now available for Android

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Ragnarok CRUSH is a new match-three puzzler that takes place in the same universe as the original Ragnarok, a hit PC MMORPG.

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Similar to other match-three puzzlers, in this new game, you will complete a wide variety of levels by matching three gems of Ymir, which is the symbol of peace in Mirgard. However, your ultimate goal will be to save King Poring.

As you go on in Ragnarok CRUSH, you will get to meet new friends from the franchise such as savage babe, Chostring, and Deviruchi.

You will also face boss monsters that you have to defeat as you play along over the different stages, which are about 500 for now.

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Ragnarok CRUSH is currently only available in select territories. You can head on over to Google Play to check if it is available for you. Let us know in the comment section if you are able to download and play it.

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