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PUBG Mobile gets Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions

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Good news, lovers of PUBG Mobile; the game now has two new monthly subscriptions. This means that for a small fee, you get UC and various other benefits daily.

The “Prime” subscription gives five UC per day. It also allows you to purchase temporary items with your BP. This plan costs about a dollar per month.

With the “Prime Plus” subscription, you get 20 UC per day. You also get to purchase permanent items with your BP. In addition, you get 10 RP points, discounts, and 50% off your first Classic Crate lottery per day. This sounds good, right? Well, the plan goes for about $10 per month. Well, you can get the “Prime Plus” subscription at 50% off for the first month.

Interested in checking out these new subscriptions? Head on over to Google Play right now to grab PUBG Mobile.

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