Pre-registration now live in Japan for Sengoku Basara: Battle Party

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Capcom has announced Sengoku Basara: Battle Party, a “Sengoku heroes training team battle” game for smartphones. The first smartphone title in the action game series, it will launch in June in Japan.

In Sengoku Basara: Battle Party, players will be able to put together their own team of military commanders from the series and aim for the unification of Japan.

One thing that has been happening in recent years on mobile is console brands seeing spinoff entries. There are some exceptions like Valkyrie Profile that got a proper port on iOS and Android but in most cases, the mobile releases are free to play games set in the same universe or something to that extent.

Sengoku Basara: Battle Party will launch in Japan on iOS and Android and it is the first mobile game for the franchise. It is set to release next month with pre-registrations ongoing. Your aim is to create your own team of commanders from the franchise and unify Japan. Pre-registration is currently available at the game’s official website.

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