Pre-registration has started for Men In Black: Global Invasion

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The new film in the Men In Black universe — Men In Black: International — will land in theaters around the world this summer. In conjunction with that film’s release, there will also be a new mobile game called Men In Black Global Invasion.

Step into the shoes of a Men In Black agent in the official mobile game of the Men In Black franchise! Alien criminals are invading every corner of the planet are now threatening the safety of humankind. Utilizing the latest location-based AR technology, it is up to you to find and capture these aliens before it is too late.

Real weapons from the films are in there too, in case you want the opportunity to get wicked with a Noisy Cricket of your own. Plus, Ludare Games Group is offering the chance for players to earn some nice rewards if enough people pre-register before the game launches. You can pre-register here.

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