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Pokémon Go plus Catholicism give birth to Bizarre AR Mobile Game, Follow JC Go

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Follow JC Go

When it was released for mobile, Pokémon Go enjoyed a lot of popularity. The game, which involved you capturing Pokémon, became the talk of the town. Know the feeling of capturing Pikachu or Articuno in Pokémon Go. Now, imagine the feeling if it were Jesus Christ that you are discovering. Well, now you can experience that.

Follow JC Go is a new Pokémon Go-style game that will require you to get up and out of the church pews to explore your local parks, streets, and yards in search of Catholic saints and other holy dignitaries who have been digitized. These saints hide behind trees, park benches, and even in your own house.

The game was developed by Fundación Ramón Pané, a Florida-based Catholic evangelical group composed of 43 designers, theologians, historians, and engineers. The development of the game reportedly cost close to $500,000.

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Follow JC Go Gameplay

Follow JC Go is played in a similar manner to the gameplay of Pokémon Go, but several unique religion-based elements have been included in the game.

Rather than training a holy e-Team (evangelization team) to battle other saints or demons in an exorcism, players collect various religious figures which they use to answer certain Biblical questions. Answering these questions correctly will give the players points that are recorded on the international leaderboard.

In this game, the players are commissioned by the Vatican with blessings from the Pope Francis. After being commissioned as a player, you will then embark on a journey to collect every holy figure. Your main aim would be to discover the most elusive catch of the game – Jesus Christ.

Follow JC Go

If you ever need booster points, just use the app to locate the nearest Church and check in. Asides from that, you can also level up by eating to stay healthy. You may also have to pray for the sick in hospitals.

Follow JC Go Availability

The development of the Follow JC Go started in the summer of 2016. The marketing team has now released it before the 2019 World Youth Day, a massive holy event organized by the Catholic Church to bring young people together.

The developers of the game probably hope that it can capitalize on the success of previous AR scavenger hunts.

If you are interested in playing Follow JC Go for Android, then head on over to Google Play now to download it. However, you should note that it is only available in Spanish at the moment. The English, Italian, and Portuguese versions will be made available soon.

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