Persephone Android Game

Persephone is a new Puzzler with Death as a Solution

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Persephone Android Game

As far as mobile puzzlers go, Persephone is definitely one that has dared to be different. It offers a unique approach to death, doing something interesting/positive with the “death” of the player.

When talking about death in many other games, it is usually game over, i.e. the end of the game for the player. However, in Persephone, rather than death being game over, it is actually a key to progress.

What this means is that, as a player of Persephone, death is not exactly a punishment; it is rather often a solution to the puzzle. So, you may even be interested in looking for ways to die to succeed in the game.

How Death works in Persephone

In Persephone, you may allow your character to fall to its death in a spikey pit in order to safely walk across its body. You may also die on a button to keep it pressed.

There are many other options at your disposal across the 60 puzzles offered by the game. Odd as it may seem, Persephone has death as a solution.

Asides from the death talk, the environments in Persephone also change, remaining fresh with gorgeous visuals.

Persephone is currently available on Google Play. Download and enjoy. Let us know what you think in the Comments section below.

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