Peace, Death!

Peace, Death! is now on sale on Android

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Fear not. Peace, Death! is not a game about you dying. In fact, it is a game about you making decisions involving sending people to the afterlife. The game is basically about making the right decisions to send people to heaven or hell.

Peace, Death! Gameplay

In Peace, Death!, you play as a Reaper who wants to get a permanent job working for Death. You will not get this job on a silver platter. Instead, you will have to complete a trial of seven weeks, making as few mistakes as possible. Whoever thought it would be so hard to get a job working for Death!

As people come to your desk from the land of the living, it is up to you to decide their fate. Does your client deserve to go to heaven? Or are they just hiding their true selves in order to avoid hell? It is your duty to determine who deserves to go where. Be sure to send the right people to the right afterlife.

So, would you like to work for Death and determine people’s afterlife fates? Then, download Peace, Death! on the Google Play Store now.

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