Overhit RPG now available for pre-registration

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Legions of unique heroes from civilizations across time and space enlist for battle in Overhit, the all-new turn-based action role-playing game from Nexon Korea. Beginning today, mobile players worldwide can pre-register ahead of launch on Google Play.

After the evil plans of the secretive corporation Conclave to destroy the world are revealed, the resistance group Black Wings is summoned to restore peace. Players are invited to command an army of unforgettable heroes, all voiced by world-renowned voice actors from well-known anime. Overhit’s action-packed adventure gameplay employs the Unreal 4 Engine to deliver a stunning, high-quality world ripe with console-inspired 3D backgrounds.

You’ll collect over 120 different heroes, each with their own fighting styles and abilities, and create a powerful team out of them. Then, you’ll head out into turn-based battles that reward timing, strategy, and combo’ing. We’re not sure if this is an auto-battle, though, which could take the edge off. For more details and information, check the Google Play page.

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